About Our Company

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We are one of leading companies of design and production for synthetic thatch in China. We make artificial thatches since 2001s. We can make different sizes, different colors, and different styles thatches. They are 100% simulation. Some of them can be fireproof and waterproof. We always develop new models according to our customers’ requirements. Our main market is in North American, South American, all Asian countries, Australia, and whole European countries. Welcome all customers from the world to visit our company.

1. Industry: Environmental Building materials, garden landscape design, landscape architecture, landscape works, etc.

2. Product description: Synthetic thatch is made of synthetic resin, and it meets the green requirements. It is a new landscape ideal material for roof decoration.

3. Product features:

(1) Up to 100% of fire prevention, fire prevention through environmental certification and testing.

(2) Protect from nesting birds, insects, fungi, etc.

(3) It can be matched into a variety of grass color, and never fade.

(4) It will be used in any places, without the sun, wind and rain constraints.

(5) It is simple installation, after installation, not much maintenance and replacement need.

(6) It applies to a variety of shapes, dome, roof slope, etc.

(7) The lifespan lasts 20 years.

4. Scope of application: Hotels in the Garden District, the zoo, theme parks, restaurants or bars in the outdoor pavilion, landscape, Spa resorts, parks and scenery, resorts, bus stations, recreation pavilion, high-end residential buildings, villas district, museums, seaside bars, beach grill bar, water sports pavilion, tropical-style venues and so on.

5. Color: diversification of 100% simulation, and never fade. It consists of a special process made imitation of natural grass (straw) and tiles, beautiful color and elegant, light, non-rust, no rot, durable.